Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Berlin (I)

Well, the winter seems to have frozen my blog and my energy... these days I do not feel very much in the mood to write lenghty posts, it must be the cold weather in the Netherlands. Anyway, I have an obligation with you, my readers, and I should tell you about my last trip. This time it was Berlin!

When I decided to organize a trip to Berlin with some friends, I did not really know what there was there appart from the Brandenburg gate, the wall or other World War II historical elements... the rest of the city, I expected it to be just like any other German city I had been to. However, once there, I was quite surprised! So far, I had only been in cities from Federal Germany... and Berlin was in the Democratic Germany side of the country before the fall of Berlin's wall and the reunification. Therefore, the main influences in the city are from eastern Europe... Actually, this city reminded me of Moscow or even Helsinki. This also had an influence on the people and buildings. The underground scene in Berlin is pretty well developed, not only in clubs or music, but also in clothes, graffitis in buildings or even squats! One of these days I will post some pictures from Tachelles, a complete shopping mall which has been turned into squats! There are rock shows, artists' exhibitions and other stuff going on there. Cool!

So, in general, Berlin is cool! Berlin mola as Tonaka would say ;-)... well, he did actually already say that!

Now, let's proceed with some photos!

First, as it could not be otherwise, the Brandenburg Gate, symbol of Berlin and even Germany. You can find it in 10, 20 and 50 euro cents coins. Hehe...

And also the infamous Berlin's Wall:

Checkpoint Charlie, a control point between the two sides of the city which has a lot of history (check in Wikipedia), such as the tanks crisis which was about to unleash WWIII...

Of course, being in Germany, what else could we do but drinking nice beer! :)

And one of the twin cathedrals with the Xmas market in the square. Berlin was full of Xmas markets that weekend!

Detail of a graffitti in the part of the Wall in Postdammerplatz.

And this is the most modern thing in the city, the gorgeous Sony Center, a complex with shops, cinemas and Sony stores...

And at night back to Brandenburg Gate.

I will continue posting something more in the coming days!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

... And inside the Imperial Palace

This is the second part of my photo walk around the Imperial Palace in Tokyo... as in the previous one, I will just put the photos and a short description ;-) This time, the photos are within the Imperial Palace, in the public gardens.

A perfect example of modern and old Japan: skyscraper together with a traditional guard post.

Leaves were turning to redish and brownish colours

Strange building next to the remainings of Edo castle. Doesn't look Japanese at all!

Big open area where to sit and relax. The remainings of Edo Castle at the back...

Water and walls between the inner and outer citadels

Enjoying a beautiful Japanese garden!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Photo walk around the Imperial Palace

This time in Tokyo, I had the feeling sunsets in Japan are extremely beautiful. Judge by yourselves!

Outer walls of the Imperial Palace

Tokyo Tower at the end of the street, just behind Hibiya

Beautiful outer park of the Imperial Palace

Buildings around Tokyo Station


Sunset just out of the Imperial Palace Outer Park

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

My photo with Pedro Duque

During my stay at ISU, Chiaki Mukai, a Japanese astronaut and resident professor of ISU, invited some astronaut friends to our campus. Steven Smith came from NASA and Pedro Duque from ESA.

Being Spanish, to meet Pedro Duque was quite an experience for me! Recently, during my stay in Japan, Estefania sent me this photo in which the Spanish students at ISU MSS06 appear together with Pedro.

Thanks Estefania!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Ebisu Garden Place. Floor 39th

This is the view which can be seen looking towards Shinjuku from Ebisu Garden Place, a nice complex of shops, museums, hotels and restaurants in Ebisu, one of the neighbourhoods in Tokyo.

And this is a closer look on Shinjuku:

Beautiful, isn't it?