Thursday, October 18, 2012

Back to life for good!

Hey there!
Long time not seen! It has been more than two years since I wrote my last post. At that time, I was facing new life conditions in Japan and felt there was no time left for blogging. I am still too busy, but sometimes I feel I miss writing in this, my little window to the world.

I have changed the blog address for a change. Now, it is You will probably wonder what is that?! Well, that is the place where I live! Kitasenju, in Adachi-ku, Tokyo. Senju has the same reading in Japanese as the number 1010 and therefore, it is often shortened. Kita just means North. Adachi-ku is famous for being the most dangerous place in Tokyo, but believe me, this is way safer than any place in Europe or the USA! not kidding!

So from now on, I will continue writing in this blog from time to time. What will I talk about? Well, the usual stuff... but now, I will probably focus in my trips and life in Japan. There are so many cool things going on around here. And I have being in so many cool places in the last two years!
My current map of visited countries is this one:

So I have visited 61countries and I have not told you about it... I will try to be not so boring and will post many photos :)

Well, this is probably enough for starters. I hope this time I can really manage to post updates often! See you soon!


Silsifa said...

Buenísimo!!! Es una manera de estar conectados a pesar de la distancia. Un abrazo, Álvaro!

Alvaro said...

Muchas gracias Silvina! Si es verdad, por eso es por lo que vuelvo a escribir: poder estar en contacto con toda la gente!!! Un abrazo desde Tokyo ;)