Thursday, December 6, 2012

Xmas illumination in Keyakizaka

In Japan, there are two main religions coexisting together: Shintoism and Buddhism. However, most Japanese do not care much about them and just use them for the usual celebrations: weddings, baby blessings, funerals... Moreover, although Christians are really a minority in the country, Christmas is somehow celebrated. There are special western Xmas food in supermarkets, Xmas decoration in shopping malls and streets and Xmas illumination. In Japan, Xmas Eve is a night to go out with your partner and enjoy a nice romantic dinner. New Year's Eve is to be at home for dinner and then, visit a shrine just after midnight. It looks like Xmas Eve and New Years Eve are swapped! These days, there are areas in Tokyo with beautiful Xmas illumination. Maybe one of the best is just behind Roppongi Hills, in Keyakizaka. Nicely illuminated trees and Tokyo Tower in the background.


 This is the exact location of this place in case you pass by Tokyo around Xmas. It is just behind the famous shopping complex Roppongi Hills, near Roppongi, Hiroo, Azabu-juban and Nogizaka stations: 

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