Thursday, February 5, 2009

4 years out of Spain

Today, 4th February is four year since I left Spain. Everything started with an internship at Alcatel Space in Toulouse (France). From there, I went to International Space University in Strasbourg (France), where I enjoyed one of the best years in my life and got a MSc in Space Studies (my second degree so far). For the completion of the master, I performed an internship in Japan, at the Japanese Space Exploration Agency, JAXA, where I met great people and enjoyed great times in a country I will forever be in love with. Back in Europe, I worked as a graduate trainee for two years at ESA, in the Netherlands, where good times went on and I met great friends. I also did quite some traveling while I was there! :)

From last year, USA. I started my graduate studies here in Caltech, where I am working towards a MSc in EE which I should get at the end of the course. Let's see what new possibilities there will be in the future!! Future is always uncertain and that is what makes it interesting! (Current plan: PhD, some weeks/month from now... who knows... XD)

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