Saturday, April 28, 2007

Takeshita Street

We are on holidays! In the Netherlands, 1st May is not a national holiday, but 30th April it is. Therefore, I have 3 days to have fun and rest... ;-)

Today I was thinking about Takeshita Street (竹下通り Takeshita-dori) in my work and I want to write a bit about it. Most probably you have never heard of this street in Tokyo. This street is located in Harajuku, next to Shibuya (one of the several city centres in Tokyo). Actually, it is in front of one of the most famous imperial parks, Meiji Jingu.

This street is famous for being the place where you can find the craziest clothes in Japan. It is something like Camden Town in London but in the Japanese way. All the crazy people going to Harajuku's bridge buy their clothes there. This people will be the topic for a future entry in this blog... Well, let's stick to this street. Maybe a nice picture of the main entrance can help you understand what we are talking about.

This street is always really crowded with tourists and all sorts of geeks. There you can look for a lolita's dress, pokemon's customes, gothic and 70's punk outfits... It is quite interesting sometimes and it is worth it going there to have a look if you are around in Tokyo.

To wrap this up, a photograph of a typical lolita (ロリータ) custome (I cannot call this a dress...)


naoko said...

Last time I visited Takeshita street was 10-15 years ago, at that time Takeshita street was bit different....
About 15 years ago, Takeshita street was very famous for the shops owned by TV stars, and shops selling the photos of TV stars. Many young kids rushed into their shops to buy their goods and photos...
After some years, those shops were no more cool for young people. Then, most of shops closed up.
I did not go there after that, because in my image, Takeshita street is still not so cool.
However, I think those shops were changed to lolita and punk shops.
Maybe I also wanna visit Takeshita street to see how they changed the street.

Alvaro said...

Well, in my opinion, now it is like a bunch of shops for otaku in harajuku eki... However, there are some cool shops. There is one that claims to be the coolest punk shop in Tokyo... and they had many Tshirts and photos signed by famous punk bands such as Rancid or The Clash. Next time in Tokyo, we can go there and visit Meiji Jingu as well!

Wild Runner said...

So many japanesse names, little Toching (sensei Tocheshi) :P The next post should be entirely in japanese.

By the way, the pictures rules! It seem in any way very similar and very different than occidental cities.

See you ;)

PS: Rancid? The Clash? hum ... are you talking about those bands that only know how to play 3 chords? XDDDD Sin acritud ;)