Saturday, May 19, 2007

El Roto

One of the things I first do when I wake up is checking up the website of the Spanish newspaper El Pais to check El Roto's daily cartoon. This guy is one of the best cartoonist I have ever read. He is always very critical and in some cases extreme... but his cartoons have something which is priceless: they make you think. He comments reality from his point of view and tries to point out the main problems of our society and our world with very sharp intelligence and humour. For the Spanish speakers, here you are some samples of his great work. For the rest, I try to translate what is written in the cartoon. Keep on like that, el Roto!!

I don't know if I see everything more clear or just I am confused at a higher level.

Call destruction "PROGRESS" and nobody will oppose you

Bad news for patriots: all flags are made in China

But why do you vaccinate us dogs if hatred and rage are spread by humans?

What a mess! I have relocated my company and now I don't know where I've put it!!

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