Friday, May 4, 2007


Maybe you have noticed I haven't been active recently. Well, the reason is my parents and little brother have been around in the Netherlands. For them, it has been like going to a country warmer than Spain! Actually, the temperature in the Netherlands the last two or three weeks has been unbelievable... around 10 degrees better than in Spain!

Well, this Monday it was the Queen's Day and there have been celebrations all over the country. In Amsterdam, people could not even go into the city from the train station... too many drunk people with orange T-shirts and orange everything ;-) In spite of the huge festival around, we went sightseeing normally. The big party will have to wait until next year ;-)

We went to Delf and Den Haag the first day they were here and the second one we went to Keukenhof, which is claimed to be the most beautiful spring garden in the world. After having visited it, I don't have any doubt... Have a look at these pictures!

Tulips everywhere, nice and colourful flower compositions... As my housemate said some time ago, the Netherlands are like Bambi's land at the moment...

Keukenhof was like that... and they even had a nice Dutch windmill!

Or even huge Dutch clogs for people to take photographs... My brother here:

After having been 6 or 7 hours watching flowers and smelling their nice scent, I must say Keukenhoff is a must for any tourist coming in April/May to the Netherlands. If I had to describe it with a single word, I would use WONDERFUL or BEAUTIFUL.


naoko said...

Do you know the reason why tulips are so famous in Holland?
I just watched on Japanese TV show.
Some tens of years ago, many new tulips were developed by biotechnology in Holland, and tulips became so popular in all over the world.
Many people wanted to buy it, and of course, price of tulip bulbs increased crazily.
Finally, one tulip bulb cost as high as one house.
However, sudenly, people noticed that it is redicurous to buy so expensive tulip bulbs.
People stopped to buy it, and many tulip farmer bunkrupted.
Those crazy stories made Holland famous as the country of tulips!

Alvaro said...

Honto! Sugoi ne... Watashi wa wakarimasen deshita... Ima wakaru. Arigato! Anata no comments wa totemo omoshiroi desu!! Toki doki kaite onegai shimasu!! Ichi ban comments desu. Ima holanda ni takusan no tulips ga arimasu. Takusan no iro... sugoku kawaii... kite kite!!

Wild Runner said...

impresionante tu contestación ...