Friday, March 28, 2008

Egypt. Day 4: Kom Ombo and Edfu

On Day 4, we woke up in Aswan at 7am and took a minibus towards Luxor, via the temples of Kom Ombo and Edfu. Kom Ombo is a beautiful greco-roman temple and Edfu is a temple devoted to Horus, the falcon god. The trip from Aswan to Luxor was a bit more than 3 hours and we thought it would be nice to visit some of the best Egyptian temples in the way there. And it really paid off!

Kom Ombo is a temple devoted to two egyptian deities, one with the shape of an eagle and one with the shape of a crocodile. The temple is very special in the sense that it is symetrical, having two front entrances and symmetric halls as you advance in the temple (one for each deity).

This is the entrance to the temple in Kom Ombo:

And this is a typical column there; greek style with egyptian motifs carved in the stone...

Edfu temple is maybe the best preserved temple in Egypt, due to the fact that it was buried in sand until some centuries ago! Therefore, the influence of the weather or people is negligible. It is devoted to Horus as I said before.

This is the entrance to the temple in Edfu.

And a nice statue of Horus at the entrance of the main sanctuary:

The distribution of the temple was kind of weird, with many lateral corridors and even an outer wall surrounding the sanctuary. Between them, this corridor in which a nice mythological story is writing using hieroglyphs.

After those visits, we continued our trip to Luxor in our van. The driver was kind of crazy and I don't understand how we did not see any traffic accident in Egypt... there should be thousands a day because of the way they drive!!!

Finally, we arrived at Luxor at around 1.30 pm. That will be the topic for the next post!

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