Sunday, September 28, 2008

Last weekend of freedom

Hi guys and girls!

I should have written this post long time ago... but I have been quite busy and lazy to write here. The thing is now I am fully settled down here in Pasadena. I have been the last two weeks in Southern California (SoCal), in Pasadena, where I will attend graduate school for several years.

My university will be California Institute of Technology, as I already told you. The place is great. Resources are unlimited and they really try we have a good time while here in California. The last two weeks have been introductory weeks. The first one was just for international students. As you can imagine, out of 80 something grad student, there were more than 30 chinese! However, I was surprised when I heard there were 15 Koreans! For the rest, quite a lot of other people from Asia and just a bunch of Europeans. For the second week, our American piers joined us and we all went through the general introduction; you know, the typical thing "we are the best", "we have 32 nobel prizes among our alumni", "Richard Feynman taught here most of his life", etc. Actually, it is quite amazing to thing I am part of one of the most important universities in history. Even Einstein was a visiting prof here!

I will start talking about my life here soon. I Hope!! Courses will be tough though... So, now it is Saturday night... tomorrow, my last day of holidays... on Monday, real work starts over again! I will try to start "with the right foot" (---> this one is maybe only for Spanish... :) )


Sergio said...

Buenooo, no te preocupes hombre, que tendran todos los recursos del mundo, pero el nivel de estudios por esas tierras es muy basico, segun me han contado! Asi que aprovecha para ensenyarles tu cuatro cosas, que les hara falta!

Saludos desde Noordwijk!



Alvaro said...

Hola Sergio! Que tal todo por Holanda?
Pues si, se supone que los cursos en EEUU son faciles. Pero esto es Caltech y no EEUU en general... hehe... hay premios nobel dando clases y ahi es cuando se complica el asunto. Tienen la fama de ser la universidad mas dura en EEUU en cuanto a clases!! Pero ya veremos.
Bueno, pues un abrazo y ya te cuento!