Friday, September 26, 2008

Marrakech Part 2

So, after visiting Essaouira for a couple of days, we came back to the Red City: Marrakech. There were still many things waiting for us in that city...

Of course, we visited the souqs once more... it was impossible to walk without ending up in the middle of the labyrinth of the souqs.

This is the Koutoubia, a nice minaret and one of the symbols of the city.

Then, our visit to monumental Marrakech started. The first stop was in the Palace Al-Baadi. A nice palace from the 14th century or so... the only problem is now everything is almost destroyed and not much can be seen of the original structures.

And just after that, we visited the most beautiful palace in Marrakech! The Palace de Bahia. A huge and gorgeous place. This patio is one of the best known parts of this palace.

Now, a typical random street in the medina.

And the even more typical spices shop!

To visit our visited to the city, we went to the Museum of Moroccan Art. This museum is housed in a typical rich-man house from several centuries ago. The place was beautiful. The central patio, with a nice fountain, was one of the highlights.

And finally, a photo with some donkeys behing Djemaa el-Fna.

After that, we just went to the airport and came back to Spain.

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