Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Marrakech Part 1

Hey guys! Finally I made it! After travelling around the world like never before (in my last week of holidays I have been in Thailand, Japan, Spain and California...), I finally settled down in California. Further explanation will follow in the next days! Now it is time to post some photos from my trip to Morocco with my brother Javier. In the end, our trip was just 5 days, enough time to visit two cities: Marrakech and Essaouira.

We arrived in Marrakech from Madrid and visited the city for a couple of days. Afterwards, we went to Essaouira, in the coast, a really nice place far from Marrakech crowds!! Then, back to Marrakech for a last touristic day and back to Madrid.

Now some photos (especially dedicated to Seppo! ;-) )

The koutubia, one of the tallest minarets in Morocco.

The central patio in Marrakech museum:

The central patio of the Coran school:

Another beautiful monument that completes the above trio. They are all close by.

And the souqs, a maze of narrow streets... impossible not to get lost at some point!!

And the typical funny picture, Coke and Sprite written in arab!

This is the entrance to the Saadi tombs.

And this last picture is the jewel of the city ;-) Djeema-el-Fna, the central square of the medina and world heritage. In this square there are many things going on at the same time: storytellers, snake charmers, BBQ stands, hena tattoos... I will post more pictures soon!


Javier said...

si señor, eso si que es un viaje y lo demás son tonterías :)

cuidate anda, nos "vemos"

Javier said...

por cierto, acabo de ver a Ximo Rovira por valencia, jeje

ninja said...

Thanks! :) Very nice... looks quite western... different than what I expected.