Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow monkeys

Even monkeys like going for a hot bath in a Japanese ofuro when it is freezing outside!


This photo was taken yesterday in Nagano-ken.
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S said...

Did you go to Shibu-onsen in Nagano, by any chance?
I went there last fall!
I heard you met Okada-kun in Tsukuba recently.

Alvaro said...

Hi Shimizu-kun! Yes, I went to Matsumoto and that onsen area you mentioned, on Thursday, during the national holiday. It was very nice, but a bit cold and it snowed too much on our way back to Tokyo. So, a bit hard to drive on snow...

Yes, I met Okada-kun the day after I arrived in Japan! I told him I would contact him and you to meet somewhere. Now it is a bit crazy with paperwork (I needed more effort than expected for my visa), but lets meet all together when the situation is more stable. That is, when I can start working, hopefully in two weeks! See you soon!