Monday, March 8, 2010

Kokoro 夏目 漱石- こゝろ

Last weekend, I finished reading "Kokoro" by Natsume Sōseki (夏目 漱石), a Japanese writer from the Meiji era (aka when Japan opened its borders to the world). I had had that novel in my bookshelf for several months now, just accumulating dust and I decided to give it a chance on Saturday. The result is I have discovered a great work. From the moment I started reading the first page, it was difficult to part with this book. I'd put it down and take it again immediately.

The novel is not long, around 250 pages in my English translation, but it is one of those books very close to philosophy which requres some time to be fully enjoyed. You should not rush through it.

It analyzes human nature from a very deep point of view and there are quotes worth remembering in almost every single page. Highly recommended!!

Besides, I found the author was living for one year very near where I live now and I could pass by his house a couple times this weekend. Also, most of the areas he describes are around my neighborhood!! Pretty cool ;)

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Rocío Cantó said...

Cómo vas por Japón? Supongo que muy bien :)
Pues nada, te escribo para recomendarte Los pilares de la tierra. Ya sé que es el típico que la gente te dice que te leas, pero está muy bien!! Creo que en menos de una semana ya me lo había leido :P
Un beso!