Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Usuki 臼杵

Usuki is located in Oita Prefecture, in Kyushu, and it is a very nice day trip from the hotspring sanctuary of Beppu. The main attraction of the town is the stone buddhas, some buddhas carved in the rock in one ravine in the middle of the countryside.

The location is really beautiful. It is in a very undeveloped area, which is rare in Japan. It really looks and feels like ancient Japan.

The stone buddhas themselves are a nice sight and worth the trip if you are in the region.

There are three sets of Buddhas and they all look pretty interesting and different from each other.

In some of them, paint can still be seen, and their natural colors appreciated.

Some of them are covered in moss.

The bamboo forest in those hills is also good for a stroll after visiting the buddhas.

Some more photos of this interesting place!


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