Saturday, March 20, 2010

This weekend, Kansai

This is a long weekend (Monday is National Holiday) in Japan, and I decided to make the most of my time (as usual!!). So... here I am, in Kansai.

Today I visited the most sacred of Japanese shrines, Ise-jingu, place of pilgrimage since the 5th century BC and dedicated to Amaterasu. She is the goddess of the Sun and one of the most important deities in Shintoism.

Then, I visited the married rocks in Futami, called Meotoiwa. I saw them on TV and since that moment I wanted to come and see them. They look pretty cool!

Then, sunset in the pearl cultivation area in the furthest part of Ise Shima National Park, at Ago wan.

And to finish the day... okonomiyaki dinner in Osaka!! Not bad for the first day.

Tomorrow, I will go to Aso san, a sacred place for Buddhism in Japan and UNESCO World Heritage. I will sleep in a temple there!


Javier said...

buenas alvarito! la segunda foto mola por lo extraña que es. ¿pero ahí se supone que sube la gente a la puertecilla esa? no sé, pero mola.
nos vemos!

Alvaro said...

Hoy te voy a responder rapido! ;)
Pues resulta que la puerta esa tiene como 10-20 cm de altura... asi que va a ser que no! Falta algo para ver el verdadero tamanyo de las rocas... miden como 2 o 3 metros, la mas grande. Y no, solo se puede acceder a ellas cuando se cambian las cuerdas dos veces al anyo o de forma ilegal! :P Un abrazo!

Javier said...

Vaya timo!! Qué fuerte, ya decía yo que parecía un poco raro.
Por cierto, tenemos perrica, se llama Kira :)