Saturday, November 24, 2007

Coming back to the Netherlands

This last week I have been doing so many interesting things that I did not have time to write some lines here. I have practiced kendo, met many of my friends in Japan, sung in karaoke bars, visited many izakayas, gone to a fish market in Ibaraki and eaten in a rotatory sushi there... and of course, celebrated Naoko's birthday on Tuesday with a visit to an onsen (hot spring) in the mountains of Minakami and a gorgeous dinner in the 53rd floor of a skycraper in Nishi-Shinjuku.

Tomorrow in the morning, late at night in Europe, I will have to head back to the Netherlands... but, seriously, I would rather stay here!! It is a pitty I have to come back, I have to remember my obligations are with ESTEC for the time being ;-)

Therefore, from Monday, life will come back to routine and I will be back in this blog, where I will post some photos of the different things I have been doing these almost 15 days in Tokyo. See you soon Japan!

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