Monday, November 5, 2007

Museumnacht 2007

Before getting down to the writing of this post, I want to introduce new features in my blog... from time to time, I will include some music so you can listen to something while reading these lines ;-) and normally, this music will be what I was listening at the time of writing!

Yesterday night, Amsterdam museums held another edition of the Museumnacht. This means museums were open till late (2am) and some interesting non-usual events were taking place in them: special food or cocktails served, hands-on activities, live shows... For the price of the ticket (around 16 euros), you could go to any of the museum participating in the organization of this event and take any public transportation in Amsterdam, including two special boat lines. Last year, I already went for it and I enjoyed a lot! Therefore, this year, I decided to join again and I went along with my YGT friends. As usual, some photos come now!

First thing in the evening was taking one of the boats in order to enjoy the pretty view of Amsterdam canals! However, that first boat broke down and we had to get off... but no problem, the next boat came in a few minutes! At that time the initial group was composed of (from left to right) me, Sandra, Aurelien, Daniel and his girlfriend.

After the boat ride, we met a larger number of YGTs and started visiting museums. The first one was De Apple museum. It was a modern art museum and could have been nice it there wasn't so many people! In my opinion, the rooms were large with small pieces in order to generate some sort of "making your internal feeling arise"... it required some intimacy to properly appreciate the museum. However, there was quite a lot of people and that killed the visit (this is my personal feeling, maybe other people enjoyed!).

Then, we moved to the nearby FOAM Museum of Photography. This museum was the most disappointing of the night... there were no photos in it!! The name of the museum was completely misleading... and the contents were not very interesting if you couldn't understand Dutch. At least, I got a USB pendrive with some photos of Amsterdam stored inside. The building was interesting too. Some rooms looked like archives and had vault-type doors. Marco and a belgian YGT (sorry, but i am really bad for names...) were pretty interested in the doors (in view of this photo) ;-)

The next museum was the Van Gogh Museum. As last year, this museum was really good, both the paintings and the atmosphere. There was even a band playing some music!

Finally, we made for the Stedelijk museum where we found an Andy Warhol exposition with some imaginative and thought-provoking stuff. A very pleasant surprise! Here, Marco playing around with a "killer bonsai".

And here, Sandra trying to block my image out of the screen with a shooting star. I would be behind the star in the screen XD When we realized, we were all playing like kids! This place had a very strong effect on us! hehe

If not, check out this video! We were playing with a balloon... :)

The only problem was it was exhausting! Just standing and walking from 7pm to 3am is quite tough...

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