Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Naoko's birthday, 誕生日おめでとう!

20th November, just one week ago, it was Naoko's birthday and we celebrated it all day long!

First of all, we woke up really early to take a train which was taking us to the mountains in Gunma prefecture. There, our plan was going to Takaragawa Onsen, a very nice hot spring in the middle of the mountain. What we did not expect was there was snow around! But first we traveled like 3 hours by local trains to arrive there.

The landscape was so beautiful! Now, Japan is in the colour changing leaves season and all the trees are becoming brown leaved. The result is breathtaking landscapes full of colours: green together with brownish and redish colours. And snow up in the mountains!

After that long trip, we were finally there! Takaragawa onsen! The atmosphere was incredible: a traditional Japanese onsen... to be bathing at 45 degrees when just outside there is snow... and in that scenery! Wonderful! (or priceless ;-) )

And of course, having some rest in the resting room!! Makura to tatami fuka fuka ne!

When they closed, we took a shinkansen and back to Tokyo!! To Nishi Shinjuku, where we were going to enjoy a nice yakiniku dinner in the floor 54th of a skyscraper. The view was again really nice... and so was the dinner... Korean bbq is always nice!

And of course, macha icecream for dessert! I really like it!

By the way, this was the view from our table in the restaurant:

Afterwards, a short visit to an izakaya in Sendagi...

and back home to blow some candles and eat some cake we just bought from a nearby convenience store!

And Naoko destroyed me in a go game just before sleeping ;-)

A great day to celebrate Naoko's birthday! Once again: Tanjoubi Omedetoo!!

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