Tuesday, July 1, 2008

29th June 2008. A date to remember!

Yes, we finally made it!!! Yesterday, Spain won its second EuroCup!! The previous one was won in 1964, by people like Gento, Zoco, Amancio... let's say... by legends... I think this new generation, Casillas, Xavi, Cesc, Villa, Torres, will be as famous as those! The good point is they are still really young and a good long-lasting group can be created.

Well, I watched the match in Sofia, Bulgaria. I went this weekend to visit Bulgaria (Sofia, Plovdiv and Rila Monastery) and I was still there for the match. Some locals told us where we could go for big street screens and we went there. I was wearing my Spanish jersey and some Spanish people saw it and came to talk to us at some point. I watched the match with Felipe, a French guy from the hostel (he came travelling from Egypt through the Middle East) and a guy from Barcelona who had just started his motorbike trip from Barcelona to Iran! And surrounded by Bulgarian people everywhere. At the beginning, I didn't know if they would support Spain or Germany, but soon I saw they were quite neutral or supportive for Spain, which was nice!

In the morning, when I arrived in the airport, many Dutch told me things like "Viva España!". They were really happy because we defeated Russia and especially, Germany. Later, in the train, I could browse the local press and this is the result:

Appart from the mis-spelling of some words, you can see they really supported Spain yesterday!

This morning in ESTEC, it was kind of the same, many people told me supportive things (because of my football T-shirt...). Besides, somebody in my corridor had put a little Spanish flag with a little bull in the middle in every Spaniard's office door!! hahaha... I was really surprised this morning when I saw that flag on my door! And another guy hung a Spanish scarf in his door knob! Not bad for the European Space Agency! :-)

And yesterday, many people were celebrating our victory in our usual football pub in Leiden, Bad Habits. They were kicked out of the pub after 2am! This is what it looked like during the match:

(These last two photos are courtesy of Paula Saameño. Gracias Paula!)

Can you recognise yourselves amongst the people there? Live some comments telling us your experience! ;-)

So, finally, we could and still can celebrate something important. PUDIMOS! :)

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