Friday, July 4, 2008

Rila Monastery (Рилски манастир)

During our second day in Bulgaria, Felipe and I went to Rila Monastery, a nice monastery in the middle of the mountains which was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in the early eighties.

It took around 2 hours by car from Sofia to get to the monastery. The trip started using wide road and little by little we got into the mountains. The entrance already showed there was something beautiful hidden inside the walls.

And this is what was hidden, a superb church and a tower. The view when you get there is impressive. With the mountains as the perfect background, the colourful and densely decorated church is really beautiful.

And the tower looks quite nice too!

Everything was full of religious pictures like this one:

This is the chimney in the monastery kitchen. It looked quite curious. The walls were so dark!

On the other side of the monastery, there was another gate and behind it there was another small building with some restaurants.

In the end, this day trip to the mountains and to this superb monastery was completely worth it!!

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