Wednesday, July 16, 2008


After visiting Vilnius, I went straight to Trakai, a little town 45 minutes away by bus. The main attraction there is a castle on an island in a lake. It sounds cool and it definitely is!

When I arrived at Trakai, I found out the castle was around 2 km away from the bus station, so I had to work quite a lot. The weather was ok and it was nice to walk by the lake. There were some boats by the shore. They were so colourful!

After a while walking, I started seeing the island castle far away behind another island's trees.

And finally, I arrived there!

The castle was beautiful and quite well preserved. At that moment, I noticed it was the cover of my guidebook! So it was a good decision to come here. Hehe... These are some of the pictures I took there.

And this is a nice panorama from the opposite coast.

After that, I came back to Vilnius, had a quick dinner and flew to Riga, in Latvia, where I slept.


JorgeSS said...

¡Deberías patentar tus auto-fotos! ¡Ya son míticas! :-)

Un abrazo desde Asturies

Alvaro said...

Jajaja! Cierto, cierto!
Has visto que estoy mejorando la tecnica y estilo? En mis dos ultimas autofotos, aparecen perfiles distintos... :)

Disfruta en casa y nos vemos pronto!