Thursday, July 10, 2008

Back from another backpacker's adventure

Hi! I am back! Finally i made it!

Since Saturday, I have been traveling in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. I arrived this morning back to the Netherlands. The conditions of the trip quite in the limit: just a backpack with 5 kg in total, alone, lots of walking and a really restricted budget. And the result: one of my nicest times in Europe lately!

On Saturday morning, I flew with FlyLAL to Vilnius in Lithuania. The flight was to Riga in Latvia, but the stopover time was 9.5 h!! So, I decided to visit Vilnius and Trakai. In the beginning, I thought it was far too much to be visited in one day. But in the end, I could make it! Then at 23h, I flew to Riga (Latvia).

On Sunday, I visited Riga, a superb city. In the evening, I traveled to Tallinn (Estonia) by bus.

On Monday, I visited Tallinn, a lovely and attractive city. There I walked around the Old Town and also went to the beach, in Pirita.

On Tuesday, I took a bus back to Riga at 6.30am and back in Latvia, I went to Sigulda, the entry point to the River Gauja Valley National Park. At night, back to Riga, short nap in the airport and back to Amsterdam.

In the coming days, when I get some of my energy back, I will tell you more about each place (I promise I will try not to make it boring!) and post some photos!

Now, some statistics! :)

With this trip, I have overcome a psychological turning point... I have traveled in or to more than 30 countries! In total, I have been to 31 countries now. As I told you some time ago, most of these trips have been within Europe. Besides, I have achieved my objective of knowing Europe before leaving the continent for PhD studies.

This is my current map of visited countries:

And this is a zoom over Europe:

In the coming months, until September, I won't travel to new countries in Europe. I will travel to Morocco and around Asia: Japan again, South Korea, Thailand and Malaysia. And after that, it will be time for hard work. Not more traveling for a while. But I will have traveled to 35 countries and have many plans for the future!!


Aitor said...

I´ve just been to 23! :(

Alvaro said...

Hehe... but you've been to India... ;-)

Anyway, you still have to break the famous 30-countries turning point... :) kidding!

Anonymous said...

Nunca digas de esta agua no beberé... que te veo venir!! que California es un centro estratégico perfecto para patearte sudamérica, oceanía y el sudeste asiático, jeje.

Pero también es verdad que el tema de las vacaciones está chungo por USA.

En cualquier caso, tus 31 países ya los tienes!! Gefeliciteerd!


Alvaro said...

Cierto... mexico y canada caeran de forma inminente!! ;-)

Pero ya no podre hacer esto de viajar todos los findes o finde si finde no... Ahora habra que irse uno cada 5 o 6 meses. Volvera a ser algo normal!

... o ya veremos...