Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Florida. The Keys.

For the long weekend we got for President's day, me and my friend Alejandro from Caltech went to Florida. We flew from LA to Fort Lauderdale over night and got there at 5.30am. It was pretty early, so we rented a car and started driving toward the Keys, the chain of island in the southernmost tip of Florida. There is a road that goes island hopping ;) and that is one of the top 5 scenic drives in the USA. One of the other 5 is Big Sur, the road from San Francisco to LA (ooops, I forgot to post photos of that trip...). So that makes 2 out of 5! This is the way we followed:

Our hotel was in Miami, so that meant we drove 180 miles twice. The good point is Alejandro helped me a bit with the driving (that week I had already drove to San Francisco!--->800 miles to begin with). The trip was amazing: emerald blue water in Caribbean islands, interesting posts indicating "Alligator Crossing Areas" and incredible weather! Ahh, I forgot to say... our rental car was a convertible!! Not bad for such good weather.

This is what driving in this road was like, a road in the middle of the Caribbean sea!

After 4 hours+ driving non-stop, I got to Key West, the last of the Keys. There we stopped for some time. It was time for a break and some beach. I swam in the beach in mid February! ;)

The Keys are so different from the rest of the USA! It looks more like any country in the Caribbean or Central America. The pace is very relaxed and the whole place is blessed with good weather (30C) all year round. Even people live in an easier way:

After some time in Key West, it was time to come back. I had already driven 1000 miles that week, so Alejandro took over on half the way to Miami.

At some point, we stopped in another Key, where there was a State Park and Beach and enjoyed the beautiful view.

Then, we continued driving and got to Miami, where we of course went out!! :)


Aitor said...

what are you doing with a MIT tshirt?? caltech students are supposed to hate MIT, hehe

Alvaro said...

Hehe, it is actually a Caltech T-shirt... you have not seen the back... Wait 5 minutes and there will be a new post! ;) This Tshirt has fooled a number of people already... ;) and has some history behind! And yes, we officially have to hate MIT!

Sergio y Nat said...

Madre mía, cuando he visto la foto de la carretera y ese cielo azul perfecto se me caía la lagrimilla... ¡¡¡QUÉ SOLACO HACE EN CALIFORNIA!!! Seguro que en ese sentido no echas de menos Holanda, :)

Can't wait for this summer!



Alvaro said...

Bueno... en southern california la temperatura es impresionante, pero de vez en cuando salen dias malos... En Florida tenian mas de 30 grados a mediados de Febrero!!!

john said...

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