Friday, March 13, 2009


Now it is 3am and I have been working all day... so i will keep it short ;)

Our base of operations for our trips in Florida was Miami Beach. We went out there the night we arrived from the Keys. These are some photos I took with my mobile phone in Miami Beach. Btw, night life in Miami is really good!

These are some photos of downtown Miami, when we were going to the Everglades National Park.

After the visit to the Everglades NP, we came back to Miami to visit Little Havana, or Pequeña Habana. It was quite interesting, as everything was written in Spanish and they even have a Walk of Fame with Spanish and LatinoAmerican stars... Look who I found, Julio Iglesias! XD


Ramón - Spangled said...

A ver...

¿Me estás diciendo que, una vez en Miami, no había cosa mejor que hacer que hacerte una foto en la estrella de Julio Iglesias?

No, si me parece muy bien; eso sí, como te vea meterte con Neverland, te parto la cabeza xDDD

Un abrazo ;)

Alvaro said...


Era mi obligacion como buen ciudadano de nuestro pais :P

y bueno, si pensamos en Julio Iglesias, pensamos en Miami... no? Asi que una foto de los dos!