Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My "MIT" Tshirt

Hey there! Aitor raised an interesting question: what the hell was I doing with a MIT Tshirt?! I am a Caltech student, so I must hate MIT!!

Well, the thing is this Tshirt is a Caltech Tshirt, you think it is the standard MIT's coz you have not seen the back yet ;)

This Tshirt was another chapter of the long MIT-Caltech pranks history. A couple years ago, some Caltech students created this Tshirt and went to MIT to hand it out as a present to the new MIT students. They accepted it gratefully and wore them... however, the back of the Tshirt hid a surprise!! This is what wikipedia tells you about that:

"Recently, a group of Caltech students pulled a string of pranks during MIT's Campus Preview Weekend for admitted students. These include covering up the word Massachusetts in the "Massachusetts Institute of Technology" engraving on the main building façade with a banner so that it read "That Other Institute of Technology". A group of MIT hackers responded by altering the banner so that the inscription read "The Only Institute of Technology." Caltech students also passed out T-shirts to MIT's incoming freshman class, with MIT on the front and "... because not everyone can go to Caltech" along with an image of a palm tree on the back."

Too much talking!! This is the Tshirt! ;)


kirai said...

jajajaja! qué tochísima la camiseta :)

Rikel said...

Madre mía, eres un auténtico personaje de The Big Bang Theory!!!

Por cierto, te mandé un email para nuestro asunto de la camiseta de LOST. Espero respuesta.

Sergio y Nat said...




Alvaro said...

La verdad es que a los que se les ocurrio esta idea son unos cracks! ;)

Si os interesa os puedo conseguir una.
@Kirai: en dos semanas voy para Tokyo asi que si quieres te podria dar una en mano y todo. Podriamos cenar o algo asi

@Rikel: lo de la camiseta de Lost... cierto... Mi hermano no te ha contactado... ummm... Luego te respondo el email! Sorry por no haberte contestado antes pero he interrumpido mi vida en las ultimas semanas --- cuestion de supervivencia!!