Wednesday, May 27, 2009

3-day weekend in the middle of USA

Mother road. Route 66. The heart of America. The place were dreams start, where the skies are higher and clearer and stars multiply in the night sky. Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, South West Colorado...

This weekend has been really intense. It has been the longest road trip in my life. I have driven 1900 miles in 3 days! I know... it is insane... but I started driving and could not stop. The road became a magnet and the beautiful landscape the reason to keep on driving. I started driving through California, Arizona, got to New Mexico, short time in Utah and visited South West Colorado before making my way back.

I have slept in my camping tent every night, in the middle of nowhere. I have not paid a dime for lodging. The desert and forests have been my home and let me sleep in them. To wake up to the sound of birds singing in the morning in the desert. To experience a thunderstorm in a tent in the middle of the Arizona desert. The wind in your face zooming towards Colorado, across Arizona blood red lands.

I have visited many National Parks and National Monuments and step on 4 states at the same time!

The Painted Desert in Petrified Forest NP /Arizona:

The Petrified Forest /Arizona:

Canyon de Chelly NM /Arizona:

Four Corners Monument /Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, Colorado:

Mesa Verde NP /Colorado:

Grand Canyon NP /Arizona:

On a 15-km hike in Grand Canyon NP /Arizona:

Grand Canyon was the original objective of this trip. It was covered in clouds the first day and that made me go further. The last day, it received me with open arms and let me see its sheer beauty.

Now, back to work in Pasadena! Only two more weeks before the end of the course!


Rikel said...

por fin veo la camiseta de lost!!!
aunque solo sea un pequeño atisbo

como siempre, me das envidia, de la sana, claro!

Alvaro said...

Jeje, tambien estuvo en las Rocosas (creo) pero hacía mucho frío para enseñarla ;)

El viaje estuvo bien, ¡¡pero estoy reventado ahora mismo!!

Ramón-Spangled said...

Muy chulas las fotos... pero la sexta me ha recordado automáticamente a lo siguiente:


Un saludo, concuñao ;)

Alvaro said...

Hola Ramon! Exacto!! El sitio que parodiaban los Simpsons es exactamente el sitio donde me hice la foto ;)
Yo tb estaba pensando en eso cuando llegue alli, asi que no pude evitar entrar y hacerme la foto

Anonymous said...

Tio! que locura!! en 3 dias!