Saturday, May 23, 2009

Hitting the road

The West, the legendary American West, with its wild land and vast plains, deep canyons and deserts. Definitely, reading "In the Road" by Jack Kerouac is having a very bad influence in a "crazy" mind like mine. If I read that book, I can't help feeling the travel bug waking up inside me! I gotta hit the road!!

Monday is a national holiday in US. It is Memorial Day. Therefore, this weekend will last 3 days and that is an opportunity that can't be wasted! In 4 hours (Saturday at 3am) another road trip will start. First stop: Grand Canyon, in Arizona. Next... who knows!


Anonymous said...

Go to Monument Valley in south Utah! or any other NP in Utah...

Ramón - Spangled said...

Si vas a Utah, está claro que te lo pasarás de p-Utah madre... xD

Bueno nene, que no viajes tanto, coño, y ve buscando buen y lujoso hospedaje a Alvaracos, Chabelacas y el pequeño Willy. Un abrazo ;)