Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Last weeks

My last weeks have been about studying at Caltech and road traveling to National Parks.

I have spent most of the time at Caltech, where my PhD project is little by little starting and my course work is arriving to an end. Soon (11th June) I will get a degree from Caltech!! ---> MSc only... though

Between meetings or lectures, I have reserved some time for nice sunsets like this one in Santa Monica.

Or to go to some ska or punk rock show. Here, an incredible ska festival in the Knitting Factory in Hollywood: "Skanko de Mayo". In the photo, Viernes 13, a really good band!!

During the weekends, travel time! ;) Mostly by road this time!

I have been to:

- Black Canyon National Park, CO:

-Rocky Mountain National Park, CO:

- Death Valley National Park, CA:


Havard said...

wooha, where did that beard come from!?

Alvaro said...

hahaha! It came from more than 20 days of too much work and traveling... and I guess some dose of laziness! ;)

Now maybe I will keep it for some more weeks until graduation.