Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Blue belt examination

Last summer, I told you I took up karate in ESTEC. It turns out I have continued practicing and studying since then and finally, last week, I had the opportunity to stop wearing a white belt and to put some colour in my life ;-) In this case, the blue colour of the belt for which we got the examination.

The examination took two days and it consisted of a written exam, individual techniques performance, 2 katas and 4 self-defence movements. After all this, all the class got through and everybody got the new belt!

It has been a long time (several months) trying to improve and to start practicing karate properly. All this time has been really nice and I have always been looking forward to the new practice. I hope I can keep motivation until the end of my contract here, and I'd like to continue my karate studies at my new destination!

At the time being, I will continue trying to progress and get the advanced blue belt soon!

Some photos of the exam follow.

And this is when I got my new belt!

And this is a group photo with all the new "blue belts" together with senpai Carolina:

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