Friday, February 8, 2008

Pau Gasol

Now it is 11 pm at night and instead of being out somewhere, I am just hanging around at home waiting until 1 am with some sake to make the wait more comfortable. At 1 am, Los Angeles Lakers are playing and Pau Gasol will be playing his third match with Lakers' T-shirt.

Last Sunday, when I came back from Copenhagen, I turned on the TV and found out the most amazing news possible! Pau Gasol, maybe the best Spanish basketball player ever, had been transferred to Lakers, the team I have always liked! It was kind of a dream... maybe, I actually jumped out of happiness... hehe... I shouldn't be making this confesions in the open... :)

Well, the things is that Pau Gasol will have a real opportunity to win the NBA ring now and my feeling is he will get it. He is a winner. He won the Junior World Championship back in 2000, several Spanish ACB leagues, the rookie of the year award when he arrived at the US and specially, he won the last Basketball World Championship and was awarded the MVP award! He is so good... and he is Spanish :)

Well, let's see if tonight there is a good match coming... Good night!

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