Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Istanbul was an unforgetable trip. I didn't know what I actually expected of the city, but however beautiful I thought it would be, I couldn't have imagined what it really looks like! It is full of mosques, and they are so cool! The weather was also far better than in the Netherlands. And in addition, Naoko was there!!

I usually post too many pictures and give a too detailed description of the trips... this time I will try to keep it short for a change. Not to bore you!

The main highlights in the city, or at least some pictures I like are these:

- Topcapi Palace: it was the sultans' palace and it is next to the well known Ayasofia temple (it was a mosque but was found to be a bizantinum temple in the 20th century...). This photo was taken within the Sultan's Harem.

- A roman temple, composed of underground cisterns.

- Twilight in the pier at Old Town. Galata Tower on the other shore.

- Two beautiful mosques at dusk in perspective. So beautiful!!

- We took a day cruise around the Bosphorus and went up to the Black Sea. Here we are in the top of a mountain with a castle. Behind us, Europe (left) and Asia (right) want to meet!

- And this is at the Grand Bazar.

- And the impressive Ayasofia! The visit inside is well worth it!!

For photos of the Blue Mosque just check my previous post! Some other photos will be coming in the next days, but I can tell you I am still keeping some of the coolest!!

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