Friday, February 15, 2008

More books read...

In the last weeks, I have read some more books; 3 books in 3 different languages:

- Lo mejor que le puede pasar a un cruasan, Pablo Tusset (in Spanish)

- O sorriso aos pés da escada, Henry Miller (in Portuguese)

- Blind willow, sleeping woman, Haruki Murakami (in English)

At the same time, I am reading other books, but I will comment on them once I am done with them. Of the previous three, the first one was just ok, although the story didn't completely get me, the second was interesting and the third one was without any doubt the best one of the three.

That book in Portuguese was an experiment. I was sure I could read Portuguese... During my visit to Porto I developed the theory that Portuguese is almost the same language as Spanish and if you have read something in old Spanish, you can even understand it better. Of course, some words are really different. But anyway, the whole context and meaning is perfectly understandable.

Murakami's book was as good as usual. In only 4 books, this guy is becoming one of my favourite writers ever. This volume was a collection of short stories. Some of them were just ok, but most were really good. I am still fascinated by the way he writes. This weekend, I am making for Spain. I think I will buy some of his books there. The price is quite lower than here! and I can buy them in English as well!

In total, that makes 6 books in 6 weeks! I am reading at a good pace for the challenge of the 50 books in a year! Let's see what happens when I start travelling.

By the way, I think I didn't tell you, but next week's weekend I will go to Istambul to meet Naoko!! That adds another country to my visited countries list ;-)

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Rikel said...

Juas, juas, muy buena la teoría del Portugués!

Habrá que ponerla a prueba.

Un saludo.