Monday, February 11, 2008

Renato Borghetti

Last week, I went to a great concert in Amsterdam. Felipe, my housemate, told me about the concert and I checked the musician's website and decided to join. The musician we are talking about here is Renato Borguetti, Brazilian, or well... Gaucho more especifically. He plays traditional music from his region with an accordion. Others musicians supported him with a guitar, a piano and some brass instruments. The performance was superb! It is difficult to figure out how good music you can do with an accordion until you've seen this guy playing! I was amazed... The other musicians were also really good, specially the guitarist. Their performance was full of virtuosity!

I recommend you check out some videos in the internet. The music is quite interesting and you can know something more about the South of Brazil. Not everything is samba there! ;-)


Anonymous said...

Quanto orgulho de ti meu amigo!!!!!

Nao consigo expressar a felicidade em ver um post como esse!

Aqui te mostro uma musica muito popular no meu estado:

"Quem quiser saber quem sou, olha para o ceu azul, e grita junto comigo: VIVA O RIO GRANDE DO SUL"

traduccion: "Quien quiser saber quien soy, mira el cielo azul y grita junto comigo: Viva el Rio Grande do Sul"

Alvaro said...

Jajaja! Eres Felipe verdad? ;-)
El concierto estuvo genial y tenia que hace un pequenyo homenaje a la tierra del mate brasileira!
Viva Rio Grande do Sul! :)