Monday, November 17, 2008

1st days in Honolulu

Hey, I am just loving Hawaii so far! It is just what I needed: a break and meeting new people.

I arrived on Friday late at night and as soon as I arrived I met a nice group of people at my hostel (Seaside Hawaiian Hostel) and went out with them to sample Honolulu's night. I was so tired, I had to come back early.

Yesterday, it was about lying on the beach and snorkelling. We went to Hamauma bay, a paradise-like beach not too far from Waikiki. Too nice. There were some coral reefs and we snorkelled there for a while. Then sunset at Waikiki and shows about Polinesian culture.

Today, surfing! it was so nice! I caught a long wave and was riding it for around 20 seconds!! down to the beach!! so cool!!

Now, rented car and to the North shore to see real surfing!

See ya! Aloha!

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