Saturday, November 8, 2008

Picasa web

Hey, I just found out all the photos of this blog are archived in picasa web... google's photo website.

And here, my best photos, some of which are not in this blog:

I went through all of them and it is nice to see the contrasts of so many places put together... Seeing all these photos, I realized I have done quite a lot of travelling recently!!

I am kind of traveling sick! But, is there anything more interesting than traveling? Getting to know new places, beautiful cities, breathtaking natural scenery... As long as I have time, money and energy, I will continue travelling!!!

Btw: an update on my planned trips now:

14-17 Nov: Hawaii. I will visit Oahu, the island where Honolulu, Waikiki, etc are

26Nov-1Dec: Mexico. I will travel in Yucatan peninsula (Cancun, Merida, Mayan sites...) and then I will go one day and a half to Mexico DF (half day downtown and one day to the ruins in Teotihuacan)

From the end of final exams until 15th Dec: San Francisco

From 15th Dec to 4th January: Home for Christmas

From 18th to 23rd Dec: Malta

So, as you know, if you wanna join, just contact me and let's go for it!! My conditions are always the same: get ready to walk a lot, see a lot and forget about resting until you get home!

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