Monday, November 10, 2008

This weekend

This weekend was the first weekend after mid-terms, and I decided to take it a bit easier. So, I still had some work done but also relaxed and enjoyed the things SoCal has to offer.

On Saturday morning, I went with Atsushi, a Japanese friend from Caltech, to Little Tokyo in LA. There, we walked in the pedestrianized area and had some Japanese food: tenpura, teriyaki chicken, miso shiru... And did some shopping too. We visited Kinokuniya, a very famous chain of bookstores in Japan, which I did not know they have a branch here in LA. There you can actually buy all the books you could buy in Tokyo! But of course, at much more expensive price.

This bookstore has its entrance at Onizuka Street, street named after a Japanese American astronaut who died in one of the Shuttle accidents... The street has a nice model of that Shuttle and some description about this astronaut.

Today, still Sunday here in LA, I have been with 3 other friends from Caltech to Six Flags Magic Mountain, an impressive amusement park located around 50 miles from Pasadena.

This park has more than 14 roller coasters! Some of them are simply amazing! You should check out this website: here .

We have been shaked, accelerated and mistreated in every possible way: standing, facing the ground, flying legs, forward, backwards... Amazing!!

And we also found some friends from our childhood: Bugs Bunny and Duffy Duck.

This is us: Me, Sebastian, Amandine and Philip.

And two more shots with roaller coasters:

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