Tuesday, November 4, 2008

And it is here... finally

Yes, my friends, today it is the Elections Day! Finally, we will have a new president in the USA. I hope it is Obama ;) Of course!

It looks like he is going to win quite easily, but let's see what happens in the states with many non-decided votes. If you have checked these days the intention of vote polls, it is funny to see that both coast and the Great Lakes region vote for Obama and the middle of the country votes for McCain. That clearly shows the great division between these two areas.

Tomorrow, there will be a party at Caltech, at the Graduate Students appartment blocks to see altogether the results of the elections as the votes are being counted. I think I will join if I have some free time. Still two more mid-terms to go! and they will be on Wednesday!! we'll see...

So, that's all from this side of the Atlantic, or the Pacific!!

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