Monday, January 14, 2008

Future travelling plans

Wow, this weekend I have been working like hell... but not in ESTEC, at home checking flights. Naoko will come and visit me next February for one month and we wanted to go to Egypt for around 10 days. I have been checking the web for cheap prices, going to travel agencies... to get the best deal. By the way, it wasn't at the travel agency where I got it... they asked 1500 euros for 10 days in Egypt!! Incredible... i am still laughing. Actually, i got it much much cheaper.

Well, it is not only about egypt why i am writing this post. The next months are going to be hectic. Some conferences deadlines around Feb/March and too much travelling. This is the summary:

Beginning of Feb: carnival in Maastricht
Mid-Feb: weekend in Spain
End of Feb: weekend in Ireland
Beginning and Middle of March: Egypt
End of March: Eastern vacation (I still have to figure out what to do...)
Beginning of April: weekend in Prague
End of April: possibly London again

And that's it... I really think it is too much. I feel like an exchange student who has a limited time to visit Europe before coming back to his country. Actually, all this started in November when I noticed I was really leaving Europe for some years. In fact, as I already told you, I will go for a PhD in either the US or Japan. And that will be in September. And after that, I don't think I have the time to travel that much. Therefore, I had only some months left to visit as much of Europe as possible. I made a shortlist of the cities and countries I wanted to visit, which was:
- Berlin
- Portugal
- Ireland
- Vienna
- Prague
- Budapest
- Athens
- Egypt (well, i know it is not Europe but it is closer to Europe than to any other continent I am going to! ;-)
- Copenhagen

As you can see, I have managed to visit or book flights for almost all those places! It looked a really ambitious list at the beginning and I thought about cutting it down... but finally, Copenhagen is the only place I might not go to. I will go to Athens and to Vienna/Budapest in May, June or July. That is almost for sure! If I am not tired of travelling by then!

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