Sunday, January 27, 2008

Porto. Day 2.

Our second day in Porto started with a huge storm. However, we managed to see most of the city. We started visiting the touristic neighbourhood in the morning. This part of town is quite old and every street has a slope. It is the part of the city going steeply down to river Duero (Douro in Portuguese). However old it is, it has a special charm which makes it really nice to walk in that area.

In our way there, we passed by Sao Bento station again and took some pictures from outside:

Our first stop was in Porto Stock Market building. It was a beutiful building and has a room, the Arab room, which is magnificent. The treaty of Porto, a key stone of the birth of the European Union was signed in this room. This is how the building looks like from outside:

And this is a beautiful room within it:

And this is the view of town from the entrance of the Stock Market building. A the back, you can see the cathedral, on top of the hill.

In Porto, there is a very old system of trams still running. It perfectly matches the ancient spirit of the city!

Closer to the river, we found Luis I Bridge, one of the symbols of the city. This bridge connects Porto with Gaia, a small town on the other shore of the river which houses all Porto wine breweries.

And this is one of the most famous squares, Dom Henrique square.

And these are some houses facing the river on Porto's side. Quite beautiful!

Tomorrow, our visit to the breweries in Gaia!

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