Wednesday, January 23, 2008

One book and one movie

Today I finished reading a great book by the Japanese writer Haruki Murakami. This book was "Kafka on the Shore". So far, I had read two books by this author, as I told you in a previous post. Both were very nice intimist novels with high doses of melancholy... what made them even nicer to me... This guy has a peculiar way of writing: he sounds familiar, with lots of popular references, but his writing is sheer intelligent. "Kafka on the Shore" has been a bit different but I still noticed his personal style all over. It is a fantastic novel with a wonderful plot which makes you cannot stop reading. The novel is a bit longer than 600 pages, but it is so addictive you can read it in a few days. I read the English version this time. This books makes 3 in my account this year; still a long way to go before I get those 50 books! ;-)

That was the book... and now it is the turn for the movie. I have just finished watching "No country for old men" by the Coen brothers and with Javier Bardem in one of his finest works. In one word, SUPERB. The movie is really good, but his performance is amazing... I would be scared of bumping into somebody looking like him in the street, he looks like the worst of your nightmares... and what about the dialogues along the movie, just great. Conversations do not play such an important role as in Tarantino films, but almost. By the way, Bardem has won the Golden Globe with this character and he is on his way to the Oscar. He has been officially nominated today. Best Luck!

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