Saturday, January 26, 2008

My visited countries

These last days, I finally wrapped up all my travelling plans until 12th May. I already told you I was going to go to several countries in the coming months. My additional destinations will be:
- Copenhagen
- Vienna
- Budapest
- London (for sure this time I will bring my camera along...)
- Krakow

I also thought this was a good moment to check how many countries I have visited so far. The answer is 17, in 3 different continents. However, most of these countries are in Europe... I have to start expanding my destinations to more exotic places ;-) This is my visited places map so far:

I also wanted to compare it to what it will look like on 12th May. The answer is most of the "white spots" in Europe will turn blue and I will visit most of the countries in Central Europe. By then I will have visited 24 different countries, in 4 continents.

I still have some months to travel around before I move to another continent (America or Asia) for my PhD studies. Some possible destinations are Athens in Greece, Istambul in Turkey or the Norwegian Fiords (to complete Scandinavia). After that, it will be the right moment to leave Europe and start travelling in another continent.

By the way, this is my post number 150th!

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