Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Porto. Visit to Gaia

The next step in our visit was crossing the river using the bridge I showed to you yesterday to go to Gaia, a small town in front of Porto, where all the wine caves are. Besides, the view from the city is really beautiful from this side of the shore.

There were also some ships anchored in front of the wine caves. Some centuries ago, these ships sailed to England carrying many many barrels of wine.

Of course, we visited the caves! We went for Calem cave. It was cheap and there was some drinking at the end. There, we were explained how to prepare Porto wine and the particularities and different kinds which exist. This barrel behind me contains around 10000 liters of wine!

And these are a bit smaller but the picture is nice :P

Finally, we could drink three different kinds of wine: one white porto and two different red tawny wines, with aging time 5 and 10 years. My favourite, the 5-year-old red tawny!!

And back to Porto to go to the cathedral!

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