Monday, January 12, 2009

Almansa: my home

It is January 2009, and that means I have been almost four years out of Spain now. Many things have happened in these 4 years and I have lived in many places: France, Japan, Netherlands and USA. I have also done quite some traveling. But no matter how long I have been away, and no matter how far away I am, my home town Almansa will always have a place in my heart. ;)

These days, many of my friends in Almansa complained I did not talk about "the town" in my blog, so there we go!

I checked the pictures I took in my home town in the last year and found some good ones. So, this is my home town! :

First of all, this is a shot from the street where I used to live, Avenida Jose Rodriguez. From here, I could see the beautiful castle and it was so conveniently located I could be everywhere in a couple minutes (that is why I was and am always late!! ;) ).

And this is the castle and the city hall from Plaza de Santa Maria. Maybe the most beautiful spot in all the town.

This is the city hall. Both the castle and the city hall are from the XV-XVI century. The city hall was renovated some years ago and this was the result. Before, it was just a medieval palace and it was closed to the public. Now it houses the city hall offices and it is always open. However, the renovation was too modern maybe...

This is the patio of the city hall, which is also called "Casa Grande".

And this is the original facade, which has not been modified. It looks pretty cool, does it not? :)

And that square is completed with a nice XVI century church, "Iglesia de la Asuncion", whose tower can be seen from many places in town. I like its curved shape and that is what I want to show here!

And then, to make my friends happy, some photos with some of them! Espero que os haya gustado ;) jeje...


Spangled said...

At last, at last!!! XDDD

Good pics, baby. By the way "... the house I used to live..." ??? You live there, not very much but you live there, do never forget that because if you do, Chabelacas or Alvaracos will come with the kitchen-knife and you'll see.... xDDDD

Apart from that, paint Groenlandia in blue, because I think it belongs to Denmark and as you've been in Denmark... Do you know the little blue (azulico) you would fill in the map???

And well, thank you so much for posting that picture; the ones from this years are awful, at least my face on them is like that, saving 2 or 3.

Hale, nenico, lo dicho. Luis vendrá el finde que viene, le pillaré las fotos y te las mandaré. Un abrazo, master-máster XD ;)

Ramón :D

Spangled said...

Donde pone "this years" quería decir "this year", obviamente.

Es que este año la cámara no ha sido mi mejor amiga, y eso que he posado a lo Sr. Burns, como siempre...

De todas formas (notición!) he empezado a hacer ejercicios específicos para glúteos, piernas y abdomen... mira que si al final me quedo bonico del tó... xDDD

Saludos y, por cierto, si vuelves a Mulholland o como se escriba, haz alguna foto enfocando más calles y tal... es que recuerdo la película y esas vistas de los vecindarios en plan "ni un alma" me encantaron :p

Saluditos ;)


P.D.- Lo del little blue hay que patentarlo xDDDD

luiSete said...

Abso-fuck-ely awesome!

That's me wearing my Liverpool Niño's shirt. And some kilos lighter...

What the fuck am I doing writing in English?
I guess to see if I still could...

Oposiciones are close enough to start thinking in English...

Fuck you all!... i mean... have a good time!