Monday, January 26, 2009

Out of control

These last day have been hectic... (I think I already wrote something like that before, but it is the truth)... This weekend I am experiencing a feeling I didn't experience for a long time, since I was a student in Spain: I feel like if I make any minor mistake, things will get out of control in terms of homework, studying, etc.

My five courses are turning out to be really time consuming and deadlines keep on coming at the same time that I can't find time to study for the PhD qualification exams. Ahhh!! I brought a coffee maker from Spain, to drink real coffee which can keep me awake during long nights of work. The last days, I am sleeping at around 3am and waking up at around 9am. It can be done a couple times, but not routinely.

The good point is that now, courses are pretty interesting. I am doing again some real maths: Hilbert and Banach spaces, Fourier transforms, distributions, wavelets, probability... Japanese is getting harder and harder, more and more kanji coming (15 last week), but it is nice to realize you can say more things after some months in the course. Let's see how well I can understand it when I am back to Tokyo in March ;)

With respect to the other courses, Analog circuit design is really good: Ali Hajimiri has reinvented many things and topics such as frequency behavior, feedback, etc are studied in a really different and new way. And it looks very powerful!
Remote Sensing has always been very interesting. Now, we are studying imaging radars: SAR, polarimetric and interferometric SAR, etc. I studied this several years ago, but not with this level of detail! I am really happy with my choices this term.

However busy I am, I am enjoying... must be some new way of masochism! ;)


Javier said...

I'm happy that you are happy are really working hard, which is what you had lack of :) es broma, que me alegro de que te centres. por cierto, aprobé estadistica 2 y hoy me ha salido materiales 2 genial. soy un loro :) 1 beso bro

Spangled said...

Decía Cuco (interpretado por Gabino Diego) en Torrente 2 algo así como:

"... claro, si es que os pensáis que lo que no son porros es malo y así os va...".

Álvaro, eres universitario en California, alguien pasará pildoritas de RedBull reconcentrado.

XDDDD Es broma, como me entere que tomas cosas raras, voy y te parto la cabeza.

Ejem, dicho esto, ánimo hombre, que cada vez queda menos.

Saludos de tu "cuñada" :D


P.D.- To Japan in March? jijiji...

P.D.- El término "cuñada" lo uso yo y no Rocío.

P.D.- Ya ves tú, qué más dará... ;)