Friday, January 23, 2009

Venice Beach

Last Monday, it was Dr Martin Luther King's day and a national holiday. Therefore, we had a 3-day weekend at Caltech and I decided to take it easy on Sunday. To relax a bit, I decide to continue with my series of short trips around LA and this time I went to Venice, to visit the canals and the world famous Venice Beach.

Venice is around 45 minutes from Pasadena. So I got into my car and there I went. Parking was kind of hard... The temperature was more than 27 degrees, so many people went to the beach that day and everything was full of cars!! After parking, I walked around the canals in Venice, CA (not Italy! ;) ). And this is what they look like:

Then, I went straight to the beach and walked a bit around watching the nice houses facing the ocean. There are so many interesting houses! I guess you gotta be pretty wealthy to have a house here, and you can afford a good architect for it! :)

And this is the beach. The sand area is really large and there were many people sun-bathing. On the pier, many people (specially Mexican, I do not know why) fishing. And in the water, some surfers enjoying quite big waves! It was interesting to watch people!

Then, I moved to the part where all the crazy people are. Venice Beach is quite famous for people doing strange things. You can smell pot everywhere, people painting graffiti, skateboarders, people cycling anything (one, two or whatever number of wheel!), hippies, punks, street shows and whatever you can imagine!

After walking a bit around and getting surprised many times by the crazy things people were doing... I came back to the beach for a great sunset!

After the sunset, I started feeling like it was time to come back to Catalinas, the graduate students' apartment complex in Caltech, to have some work done. On the way back to my car, I still had some time to take some photos at the canals. Have a look at the second one specially. Yes, it is still Xmas decoration!! and quite crazy...

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