Thursday, January 8, 2009


Gozo is the second island in Malta. It is really small, something like 10km on one side and around 5km on the other side. Therefore, you can walk it!! and that is what we did.

When we arrive at the island, we went to the highest point on the shore to see a nice perspective of Comino and Malta, the other two Maltese island. This is what it looks like:

This is Comino with its Blue Lagoon, a lagoon with blue "tropical" waters.

The island is not developed at all, and the biggest town is around 4000 inhabitants, so there are plenty of countryside areas with beautiful landscapes.

The capital city, Rabat, is very old and because of that, beautiful. It is charming. You can get lost in the maze of narrow streets and old houses... it is a nice experience! At least you can scape from modern world for a while!!

The second day in Gozo, we walked to the opposite coast, where many beautiful geological formations are located. While we were walking, we found some beautiful landscapes.

This is the Fungus Rock

A fisherman getting some fish for lunch.

And the beautiful Blue Window,one of Gozo's main attractions.

This is the Citadel in Rabat, a fortress where people hid during the Turkish siege of the island in the 16th Century.

And finally, the oldest megalithic ruins in all Malta, and 500 years older than the Great Pyramids in Egypt!

In short, Malta was an interesting destination. And of course, there are many more things to do apart from going to the beach and partying there!!! ;)

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