Monday, January 12, 2009

Hollywood Sign and Mulholland Drive

Today, Sunday, I went for a car ride in LA. There are so many places I do not know yet... but today, it was the turn for one of the most famous landmarks in the city: the Hollywood Sign.

So... I got into my car and drove as close as possible to it! It is only 15-20 minutes away from my appartment!

Then, as I was in the area, I decided to drive along Mulholland Drive, one of the most scenic drives in LA county. Basically, it is a winding road in the mountains North of Hollywood and Beverly Hills. Then it becomes a freeway and gets to the sea past Malibu. However, I did not go so far... Actually, there is a point where the road becomes an unpaved track and you are not allow to enter with your car. You can only hike it. Next time, I will go along the freeway!!

The views are superb and I had to pull out several times to check the landscapes over Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley. At the beginning of the road, there is an impressive viewpoint where I could take these photos:

In this one, LA downtown at the back, Hollywood and Hollywood freeway.

The Hollywood sign once again!

And a close-up on downtown area... and yes... that's SMOG!!! The biggest problem in LA county...

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