Saturday, January 10, 2009

Winter Term at Caltech

A new year is here and with it, a new term at Caltech and new courses. The first term here, I took 4 courses: Analog Circuit Design, Physics of Remote Sensing, Signals and Systems and Japanese; together with research and seminars. Some of these courses were really interesting, so I decided to take them all for the second term too.

Hajimiri's course in Analog Design is really hard but you end up learning a lot, so at least you know your effort is worth it. Remote Sensing is taught by the Director of the Physics and Astronomy Directorate at JPL, so it is a pleasure to hear all these topics from one of the pioneers in the topic. Japanese is the first time when I am systematically and seriously studying Japanese, and now it looks like, with methodology and continuous effort, I can properly learn the language! :)

This term, I am taking the continuation of these three courses and have added two more: Stochastic Processes and Wavelets. These two courses are taught by the Applied Mathematics option. In Caltech, PhD students have to cover 3 courses in Maths, so these are my first 2 towards my PhD requirements. Besides, I will have to get some time for research and to prepare for some exams coming in a couple weeks: the mini-orals. If I can pass them, I will be an actual PhD student and not a MSc/PhD student. Just a change of status ;)

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