Thursday, June 11, 2009


Two weekends ago, I had to go to Boston for a Science and Technology Award Seminar organized by Fulbright. The idea was to gather all the grantees so we could know each other. In total, this program is paying for the PhD studies of around 60 people from all around the world. During these 3 days in Boston, we presented our research and discussed some useful topics such as presentation skills, networking, etc. And the most important thing, we got to know each other better. I will post more photos later on... Now some photos I took the last day in Boston. The description will be very brief since I feel very tired right now! ;)

This is the State Hall of the State of Massachussets:

A typical street in the area where rich people used to live in the early times of Boston:

The Declaration of Independence of the USA was signed in this building!

The waterfront:

The Custom House from the Long Dwarf (a nice view!):

The entrance to China Town:

A nice park, the Boston Common:

The Trinity Church, a famous landmark of Boston:

MIT, Massachussets Institute of Technology, also known as "the other institute of technology" XD

Good night!! :)


Rikel said...

Dime que fuiste con la camiseta del MIT!

Alvaro said...

Jajaja... me faltaron wevos para hacerlo! ;)
Pero eso si, les meti caña a los del MIT! :)

Ramón-Spangled said...

They took land at last? :p

Take care ;)