Saturday, June 6, 2009

Yosemite NP

Yosemite NP is one of the most renowned national parks in the US and even in the world. If you come from outside the US, you know the Grand Canyon for sure and maybe Yellowstone and Yosemite. Well, its fame is well deserved! That place is simply amazing!! Basically, it can't get any better!! Well, you could remove all the other visitors... the place is always crowded...

I started my visit to Yosemite from one of the most beautiful places: Glacier Point. It is a view point in the top of the mountains from where you can see all the valley. The landscapes are simply amazing and can't be explained in words, you gotta be there to "experience it". It may be "too" beautiful!

That broken peak which appears in almost all the photos and which is so distinctive of Yosemite is called the Half Dome. You can even hike up there, but it takes time. I will next time there!!

Then, I continued driving into the valley and the views are equally amazing. This is the first view you get from the valley after driving in a long tunnel. You really have to stop to watch it properly!! You can't continue driving!! :)

And now in Spring, as I commented in the previous posts, waterfalls and rivers are so wild! A close look on them means a shower... hehe...

And in the valley, you can see all the glacier carved mountains with their vertical walls in all their splendor. This mountain is called El Capitan.

There are some nice short hiking trails. I went to Mirror Lake, but of course, all the way was full of people and fully paved!! :P Not my idea of the word hiking... The lake was nice though. So you better go there when visiting Yosemite.

And the Half Dome again,

... and the river in the middle of the valley...

... and another waterfall.

Originally, Yosemite was inhabited by Native Americans, so there are still some tents preserved as a museum:

In short, Yosemite turned up to be an amazing place well up to its fame!

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